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Ecosym Forte intensive soaking cleaning gel is a non-aggressive cleanser for snoring mouthpieces, sports or grinding teethguards as well as dentures and false teeth.

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  • For weekly cleaning of your denture, snoring mouthpiece, sports bite or grinding bite

  • In combination with Dental Cleaning Box a perfect solution

  • Cleaning with Ecosym Soak Treatment Forte, your dental appliance stays clean and fresh

Weekly cleaning

Ecosym Weekly Forte with Cleaning Box

Besides taking daily care of your dentures, it is important to clean them thoroughly on a weekly basis. Ecosym Weekly Forte is a liquid specially designed for this weekly cleaning of dentures, snoring braces, grinding teeth and sports teeth. The powerful formula removes stubborn deposits caused by tartar, coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine. The result is a clean and fresh feeling. Ecosym Weekly Forte also effectively removes any bacteria and fungus, ensuring the hygiene of your teeth. Like all our products, Ecosym Weekly Forte is safe to use and protects the materials of your denture, making it last longer.

In the Adams Method, the Ecosym Weekly Forte cleaning solution is used in combination with the Ecosym Cleaning Box; the denture is deeply cleaned, and all stubborn stains and deposits disappear. The denture will feel like new again.

Reasons to choose Ecosym Weekly Forte with Cleaning Box:

  • Optimal cleaning for stubborn deposits.
  • Easy cleaning in combination with the Ecosym Cleaning Box.
  • A clean and fresh feeling.
  • Safe for dentures and braces and oral appliances.
  • Suitable for partial and full dentures.

Here’s how to use Ecosym Weekly Forte with Cleaning Box:

  1. Put 4 caps of Ecosym Weekly Forte in the Cleaning Box.
  2. Rinse the denture, removable bracket or sports bite with lukewarm water.
  3. Place the rinsed denture or appliance in the removable basket.
  4. Fill the Cleaning Box with lukewarm water until the denture or appliance is completely submerged.
  5. Leave the denture or appliance for about eight hours (overnight).
  6. Rinse the denture or appliance thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  7. If necessary, polish with Ecosym Daily Gel.
  8. Rinse the basket and Cleaning Box with warm water.

Excellent cleaning of your dentures and oral appliance. Choose Ecosym!

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